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Anonymous asks: your thoughts on david foster wallace?

I was feeling overwhelmed by the hype so I never read anything.

That’s me and my gay crush last week at the bondage photo shoot

That’s me and my gay crush last week at the bondage photo shoot

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Anonymous asks: What are you doing?

Chatting with Candy (sittinginyourlapandtakingadrag) (she’s such a postmodern genius) and smoking and enjoying the morning. I skipped school. Mermaid is too nice to me lately, I can’t think straight.

Anonymous asks: Do you love mermaid as much as you love Joyce?

What’s this question, ahah. I love Joyce as a friend, something could’ve started but there was no possibility and we’re both fine with it.

Anonymous asks: Cambi versione/significato alle cose, contraddicendoti, in base a ciò che risulta più figo in quella data situazione.

Anon statements, adorable.
Dicesi anche: cambiare prospettiva.
Mi ricordo questa discussione molto interessante riguardo il concetto di coerenza che ebbi con Rizzo un milione di anni fa, ci chiedevamo come mai la gente avesse così paura di cambiare idea, come se ci fossero dei contratti scritti.

Anonymous asks: do you still talk to Joyce?

Yes and I still love him 1000

Anonymous asks: Move to melbourne (australia). you'll be able to make 20 aud an hour my work is full of travellers. And we love Italians in Melbourne. Speaking of, Did you ever go to la quiete shows? Ifeel like yoy would have. Only Italian band I know.

It’s my favorite hc band! They’re from my hometown and the tattoo I have on my wrist is because of them.
I’m thinking about Melbourne! Message me off anon maybe if you feel like talking :-)

Someone sent me an ask that I accidentally deleted saying, with kind of a judging tone, that they don’t even notice when there’s a homosexual couple in the room.

I’m not used to see avocados in every grocery shop, I spend a couple of minutes staring at them as well every time, it doesn’t mean that I consider avocado differently from any other fruit.

Here in Berlin I happen to see a lot of couples of women in their forties/fifties walking around not bothering hiding that they’re a couple and I find myself staring at them for several minutes and getting really embarrassed when realizing it because like… there’s not such a thing in Italy?? You won’t find that many adult lesbian women coming out. It’s getting better for men, although it’s full of hypocrites, but for women it will always be harder and take longer to reach any kind of equality.

Prenzla to Neukölln at 11pm super stoned just to make love this is love

Thinking about moving to Australia for 6 months in November…

Il mio amico turco che, per farmi capire il livello della litigata avvenuta tra i nostri due amici italiani, mi conteggia i “cazzo” e i “puttana” che gli ha sentito gridare, che sono le uniche parole italiane che conosce.

Anonymous asks: do you know emily rose morgan use your picture as her profile picture on instagram? she's a model.

Cool no I didn’t know

Anonymous asks: i'm sad

Go choose some nice fruit and vegetables and eat them fresh, no drugs, carbs, do a skinmask.

Anonymous asks: hiiiiiiii lovely, could you give some bit of advice on feeling sure of yourself, like I really don't know what's up with me atm...?

Just ask yourself why you consider beautiful the things you consider beautiful. You’ll realize it’s just a matter of influences. Start influencing yourself with yourself. It’s hard to explain. It’s the reason why I want take that series of pictures of people with big/crooked noses: to show that there’s no reason why they’re kind of commonly considered “ugly”, someone got us to think they are by only showing small noses in tv or advertising. Only get used to what is actually good for your body/mind.
Detache yourself from common standards, live as if you were the only one on this planet but respect everything around you at the same time. This respect thing is important, just ask yourself whether you’re respecting everyone around you all the time and if the answer is yes it should be already enough to increase your self-confidence of 100 points.