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No peace so I’m at the bar crying hard.

He sent me a screenshot of his super full agenda and under Saturday 19 there was only my name written. I asked: “Facciamo pace?”

Anonymous asks: would it be bad to have two auger daddies at a time????

I have 4.

New hobby: reply to all the girls asking about my weight with a made up number which is at least ten kilos higher than my actual weight.

Read between the lines: don’t ask me about my weight.

Trust me, guys, if there’s a quality I have, it’s patience.

And he said he doesn’t want to see me and left me at Gorli with a charger which is not mine, nowhere to go and a lot of pain.

Then, at Mermaid’s place, I found out my laptop’s charger was disappeared and I got really pissed because I can never manage to use the internet and that shit costs 80 euro and I knew he was gonna sleep all day so I was feeling like wasting a lot of time (that I could spend on Tumblr *laughs*). I woke him up, we argued and now we’re walking in complete silence to a friend’s who’s gonna lend me his and my day is fucked up. Which means that I can’t take drugs or I might kill myself and I don’t know how to face my night.

Whenever I get a bit drunk, I end up falling asleep somewhere really uncomfortable and wake up six hours later feeling like I only slept for five minutes.
I slept laying on a random thing in Keller until 8 in the morning.

Girls, how do you cope with being much uglier than your sisters?

When you’re trying really hard to get drunk but you can’t make it

Whenever I drink mate I can’t help thinking about Cortazàr so basically since I moved to Berlin I think about Cortazàr all the time.
I used to think about Cortazàr all the time even before though.

There’s this casino party at Keller and I’ve been here since 6, building the tables up. I’m already baked as a cake and the party hasn’t even started.

Whenever I meet Mermaid somewhere, still after five months, I feel like it was the first time. I stare at him and I’m impressed by how beautiful he is, I suddenly become shy, I don’t know how to approach him, whether I should kiss him, and I can’t manage to do anything properly because his presence distracts me and makes me excited.

And on a sunny Friday afternoon, after you smoked a massive joint, you find out one of the chinchillas fell in the wc.
Guess how I spent my last hour.

My stepmother’s aunt’s balcony where she used to spend all her mornings faced onto my art school’s backyard, where we used to smoke joints all the time. One day she came to visit my family and said: “I stare at the kids in the backyard every morning, they wear really messy clothes, they must be very poor, but they’re really kind, they always have only one cigarette and they share it among everyone!”
My parents and I laughed about it for years.