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I’ll be playing my first dj gig in Milan, I’m preparing a delicious acid set.
Tomorrow I’ll share the event’s page. :)

Anonymous asks: But diagnosis is what helps determine treatment...if doctors just used trial and error with every patient it could end disastrously. You sound ignorant and saying you "don't believe in disorders" trivializes the experience of those who have struggled with them.

Most of the psychiatrists I’ve seen never wanted to share their diagnosis with me because they thought it would only affect me negatively so I’m not the only one having this opinion, my statement sounded a little extremist, yes, but what I meant is that labeling what’s not “normal” as “not normal” never helped anyone. It’s alright if doctors use terms in order to better administrate their work but I don’t think telling someone “you’re borderline” or “you’re bipolar” would bring them anywhere.

Anonymous asks: do something with your life !!!

I’m sorry if your idea of doing something is probably working 8 hours a day or going to university, my idea of doing something right now is listening to shit loads of music at the record shop.

Anonymous asks: ma scherzi eva? bisogna sempre isolare ciò che non è 'normale' mettendoci sopra una bella etichetta

E certo!!!1!

I’m telling u

I’m telling u

vanity--baby asks: So not eating disorders? Sleeping disorders? Anxiety disorders? Mood disorders? Psychosis disorders? Heart disorders? Lung disorders? etc. Sounds pretty ignorant to me.

I think this obsession of naming things often leads problems to become bigger than they actually are, to be mystified. I hate diagnosis, I like when the individual is treated as unique by the doctor or whoever. If something hurts, let’s find a way not to make it hurt anymore but let’s not waste so much time on finding a name for it.

Anonymous asks: Do you think you may have Seasonal affected disorder?

I don’t believe in disorders, just in different ways to perceive things.

Anonymous asks: cosa intendi esattamente per fashion people?

Berghain habituals, gente dell’industria musicale piena di swag, cose del genere.

Radio Free Robotron

The best thing that happened in my life lately

When you’re walking down the street and smell dmt: a truffle dog when it smells truffles

Anonymous asks: "I eventually get rejected on the door because that’s Berlin and I’m Italian" Manco i tedeschi ci sopportano più?

Non ci hanno mai sopportati, siamo discriminatissimi noi italiani qui.

Every time I try to get back among fashion people (I don’t know why I periodically do it), I suddenly freak out, become socially paranoid and run back to my hippy friends.
You just can’t escape your proletarian nature.

Our friend left and we’ve gotta take care of his house until he’s back. It’s where my favorite room is.
There’s the best smell here and I love it.

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Anonymous asks: There are important ppl in music scenes who aren't DJs.. Also the appreciators, people-mixers, listeners and sorters are part of the production of music. So with ur love for music you don't need to necessarily be a dj with a collection of vinyls.

Thank you for this message, it made me feel better :))