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Anonymous asks: i really love your tatoos but i think they are enough on you, you have such nice body why hide it under more ink?

I’m only filling my left arm, the rest of the body will stay untouched. :-)

Anonymous asks: don't take acid if you don't like it, what are you thinking for gods sake. i mean if you want to be open to mind altering experiences you can't look at it as a challenge, you'll enter your high with a totally wrong mindset. you have to open up to the possibilities, as well as to the fact that you might get confronted with things you don't want to be confronted with. if that's the case you should accept that, and be prepared for it; so that in the end you enter your high with a peaceful mind

It’s usually not enjoyable because I mostly end up confronting myself with things that are hard to go through, and also I have dissociation and when I’m on acid it’s x1000, that’s a fact, but I decide to deal with it because I know it’s always worth it.

My tattoo is designed. It’s incredible when the inspiration comes and your hand feels like it’s guided by something and only stops when things are complete, by itself.
I have this urge to draw again but I just can’t get myself started.

This cat only listens to U, she does everything he tells her to do, it’s insane. Like high five, hugs, turn, go. Like what the fuck!
Anyway he convinced me to get another tattoo, I’m designing it, it’s dumb and geometrical.

Anonymous asks: I had my first acid experience ever this weekend. It was the right time, with the right people and the right music. I've never felt so overwhelmed by my emotions, yet so clear about everything. Reading your blog has def taken away a fear I had for it. Thank you.

I had the worst yet most meaningful experiences of my life on acid, it’s actually not enjoyable at all for me, it’s more of a challenge, I only do it because I learn a lesson every time. Glad to hear that.

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The idea of lunch break breaks my heart

I think I’m totally going back to punk but massively tanned.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and have to get stoned because you’ve got too much energy but no one’s awake yet?

I don’t want my tan to go away, I think I’m going for a fake one in the winter, never expected that from myself, but you know it’s like an outfit, or a haircut.

Broder I miss youuu

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I’m making the website I’m telling you

I started looking at yellow and red differently, like with the idea of maybe wearing such colors, I didn’t tell anyone (why should I have?) but yesterday Micha gave me a red jacket as a present and Carla a yellow mattress cover. 


it’s september

I can’t help being surprised every time

Micha and U have been messaging each other about what to do with me for three days now, I only got told some bits and pieces but it already sounds like it’s gonna be the time of my life.
Imagine you’re getting laid by the hottest guy you know and the one that fucks you the best together, and they’ve known each other for 17 years.

(But you’re in love with someone else)