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Anonymous asks: i saw an old photo of you on your F blog and you had like really bleached hair and it looked curly and like you had dreads- i was just wondering how you achieved that effect

I bleached my hair at the hairdresser and then I traveled for two months using random soap instead of shampoo and without carrying a comb and that’s how you get the effect.

Anonymous asks: where is that picture with you and mermaid? cant find it under #me it was such a nice contrast in body-width irl

Don’t know what picture you’re talking about…

Anonymous asks: whats your opinion on anal bleaching? mine happens to be a little darker than what i see in pornography and it leaves me insecure. i was thinking of getting mine bleached

I think no

Anonymous asks: cos'hai letto di sapienza? perché ti piace?

L’arte della gioia, il filo di mezzogiorno, il vizio di parlare a me stessa.
Perché è la donna più tosta del mondo.

The mandatory joint in front of the airport

Anonymous asks: i have submit my pussy twice and you have not posted it, there something wrong? .. :-(

I haven’t received it!



Anonymous asks: Just another vote that period sex is amazing, and if anyone is concerned about getting the sheets bloody, then sex in the shower always works too!

Yes yes more sex on period. I’m always happy when my period comes.

Anonymous asks: Any romance or Sex in italy?

No-o. Yesterday I met a friend of friends that I had already met once at a concert the last time I was here and he literally did a paradise-bird dance of one hour for me, trying to convince me to follow him and his friend to a kinda club where he would meet two famous Italian television people (for those who will ask, il Nongio e quell’altro). He literally tried to buy me with whatever mean, coke everywhere, stories, alluding jokes. And I was always like “Dude you can do better” and laughing, in the end I asked whether the paradise dance was over and left with my friend.

  • Status: Rain! :)
  • Older person on Facebook: Us too, so badly needed as well. Tell your mom I said hi. How is the family? Tell everyone hi from us. We miss you all so much. Wish we could be there. You're a beautiful young woman.
Anonymous asks: As a guy, I don't really want to go down on you during your period. Maybe some guys do, maybe I'm just a wuss. But apart from that and trying not to get blood on white stuff, who gives a fuck? Extra lube! :D

Yes, true, never pushed anyone to go down on me while on my period but sometimes people feel like doing it anyway. And yeah, extra lube, and when I’m on my period I’m super horny.

Anonymous asks: I just saw that ask about having sex with tampons on and thats extremely dangerous !! please people don't do that

There are special tampons to use while having sex, they’re called Joy Division, I have them but I still haven’t tried (I have them for work).

Anonymous asks: When you are on your period do you have sex or not?

Yes it’s the best

Anonymous asks: How can you be so skinny?

Fast metabolism, biking, sex, skipping lunch.

Anonymous asks: why did prostitution appeal more to you than modelling since your body type clearly allows it?

I don’t like the environment and I’m short. And I refuse to shave.